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List: bicycling
Focus: Keeping our bikes in working order
Leads: Koda, Mattress
Slack channel: #bicycling


List: comms
Focus: HAM radios, network routers, antennas, gateways, firewalls, and things that put us all in touch digitally
Lead: Linenoise
Slack channel: #comms


List: cooking
Focus: Nutrition, diet, allergies, and feeding large groups of people
Leads: Alina, Galvin, Mattress
Slack channel: #cooking


List: costumes
Focus: Apparel and costume design, fabrication, sewing, screen printing
Lead: Julia
Slack channel: #costumes


List: crocheting
Focus: Crocheting, knitting, and other ways to make yarn and thread to crafty things
Leads: Julia, Krash, Shoshana
Slack channel: #crocheting


List: crypto
Focus: Tor, OTR, PGP, anonymity, and how to stay safe online
Lead: Linenoise
Slack channel: #crypto


List: diplomacy
Focus: Trauma and crisis support, conduct agreement, emotional communication, and development of soft skills
Leads: Ashley, David the Good, Devon, Linenoise, Mattress
Slack channel: #diplomacy


List: djs
Focus: DJing, CDJs, Turntables, Traktor, Ableton, and how to produce and perform tracks and mixes
Lead: Linenoise
Slack channel: #djs


List: electronics
Focus: Low-voltage stuff: electronic hardware, board layout, circuit design, soldering, debugging
Leads: Andrea Waite, Brian Ernst, Koda, Linenoise, Mike Dodds
Slack channel: #electronics


List: finance
Focus: Personal finance, budgeting, investments, and tools to help us all meet our financial goals
Leads: Mike Dodds
Slack channel: #finance


List: fire
Focus: Burnable art, fuel systems, safety, and fire performance
Leads: Mattress, Mike Dodds
Slack channel: #fire

First Aid

List: first-aid
Focus: Helping people stay in good health in rough environments
Leads: 3G, Mattress
Slack channel: #first_aid


List: jewelry
Focus: Wire-wrapping, casting, fitting, and 3d printing of things you can wear
Leads: Alexandra, Mattress, Shoshana
Slack channel: #jewelry


List: legal
Focus: Know your rights.
Leads: Linenoise, Paul
Slack channel: #legal


List: lighting
Focus: Addressable LEDs, microcontrollers, lasers, DMX controllers, and how to integrate them into builds
Leads: Linenoise, Trevor
Slack channel: #lighting


List: mechanics
Focus: Both on small engines (e.g. generators) and large (e.g. automobiles) Leads: Linenoise, Mattress
Slack channel: #mechanics


List: metalworking
Focus: Design, safety, welding, and laser-cutting metal
Leads: Bradbury, Galvin, Mattress
Slack channel: #metalworking

Mutant Vehicles

List: mutant-vehicles
Focus: How to design, license, transport, and maintain art cars, busses, and other ways to get around towns.
Leads: Mattress, Paul, Zobeewa
Slack channel: #mutant_vehicles


List: painting
Focus: Oil, watercolor, and any other ways to make our work stand out in color Leads: Mattress
Slack channel: #mattress


List: photography
Focus: Pics or it didn't happen
Leads: Linenoise
Slack channel: #photography

Power Grid

List: power-grid
Focus: Power production: solar power, wind power, and generators
Leads: Daniel, Linenoise, Mattress
Slack channel: #power_grid


List: production
Focus: Events, fundraisers, campaigns, venue management, publicity, scheduling, and public relations, grant applications, accounting, and logistics
Leads: Brice, Mattress, Trevor
Slack channel: #production


List: software
Focus: The code behind the scenes: algorithms, design patterns, implementation, testing, and how to get it online, secure, and scalable
Leads: Chiral, Linenoise, Trevor
Slack channel: #software


List: sound
Focus: Speakers, enclosure design and fabrication, filters, cutovers, calibration, and PA processors
Lead: Linenoise
Slack channel: #sound

Street Art

List: street-art
Focus: The appreciation of wheatpasting, public art modification, rogue installations, and the likes
Leads: Linenoise, Mattress
Slack channel: #street_art


List: theater
Focus: Dance, acrobatics, acro-yoga, theater, improv
Leads: Chiral, David the Good, Julia, Mattress
Slack channel: #theater


List: vjs
Focus: Producing and performing video mateiral
Lead: Linenoise
Slack channel: #vjs


List: woodworking
Focus: How to use a wood shop
Leads: Koda, Linenoise, Mattress
Slack channel: #woodworking


List: writing
Focus: Poetry, prose, scripts, copyediting, and any other form of the written word
Leads: Alina, Linenoise, Mattress, Shoshana
Slack channel: #writing

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